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    Top 10 Tiger reserves in India best for Tiger Spotting




    There are upwards of 20 stores and national stops in India where you can see a tiger. We have picked 10 best Tiger Reserves in India based on visit tiger spotting. Numerous National Parks of India in a few unique states are common territories of Tigers. There are acceptable opportunities to recognize the creatures in one of these spots.

    With such huge numbers of spots to visit in India, we are frequently spoilt for decisions. Tiger saves in India are not just about tigers, these stores or national parks are so wealthy in natural life as well.

    Viewing a tiger in its common natural surroundings is an invigorating encounter. The vast majority of us have seen tigers and different creatures in Zoo typically. The regular zoos are bound places that issues countless creatures in a little region. The training is absolutely against the prosperity of the wild creatures.

    List of Tiger Reserves in India

    National parks and tiger holds keep up the common living states of the creatures. They are allowed to meander around, prey, breed. The untamed life preservation endeavors have improved the all out number of tigers in India.

    The National parks and saves recorded beneath are probably the most well known among the explorers. The State-wise rundown will assist you with seeing the great creature at a spot close to you.

    The quantity of guests to tiger holds in India has gone up in this way. Individuals are adoring the experience of being in the wild and recognizing the imperial brute is a cherry on the cake.

    Total Number of Tigers in India

    Currently, there are 2,967 tigers in India. Madhya Pradesh (526) has the highest population of tigers followed by Karnataka (524) among others.

    Tiger Reserves in Madhya Pradesh

    1.Kanha Tiger Reserve or Kanha National Park

    Kanha Tiger Reserve is an immense national park in the Balaghat region of Madhya Pradesh. Rich with an assortment of Flora and Fauna, Kanha is home to numerous uncommon types of creatures and winged creatures. It is additionally the biggest National Park of Madhya Pradesh.

    The recreation center stays shut during the rainstorm season anyway you can at present visit the Buffer Zone. You will have constrained access to specific territories and if fortunate should detect a tiger.

    Area : 362.9 square miles

    Opening Hours : Monday- Sunday 8 AM-10 PM

    Kanha National Park remains closed from July 1 to Oct 15 due to monsoon season

    Best Time to visit : October- June, Summer reason is best for the visit as most of the animals are out wandering or gather near the water bodies.

    What you can spot here : Tiger ( Maximum spotting in Kanha & Mukki Zone), Indian Leopard, Jungle Fowl, Sambhal Deer, Bison, Black Buck, Wild Boar.

    How to reach there : Kanha Tiger Reserve is reachable through road & railway.

    Nearest Railway Station– Gondia → Kanha ( Gondia railway station is located 145 km from the park. It takes around 3 hrs to reach Kanha)

    Jabalpur → Kanha ( Jabalpur Railway station is around 160 ks from Kanha. You will reach Kana in 4hrs

    2. Bandhavgarh National Park

    Bandhavgarh National park has the most elevated thickness of tigers on the planet, subsequently it is ideal for tiger spotting. The thick timberland is home to an assortment of creature and winged creature species. It gets its name from the antiquated Bandhavgarh fortress.

    The National Park is known for its sublime Bengal Tigers. with the most noteworthy thickness of tigers in the recreation center, it is very well known among guests who come here solely for tiger spotting.

    The demography of the spot is very changed from thick backwoods to uneven territories, water bodies and fields, making it a perfect home for an enormous number of flying creatures and creatures.

    Average Cost : INR 5000 ( for a ticket, hiring jeep & guide)

    Best Time to visit : From 15 Oct- 30 June( the park remains closed during the monsoon season)

    Points of Interest : Bandhavgarh fort, Shesh Saiya, Three Cave Point, Safaries to the Bandhavgarh National Park, Badi Gufa

    How to reach there : By road- It is well connected with many major cities.

    • Delhi ( 978 km)
    • Gwalior- MP ( 565 km)
    • Khajuraho ( 270 km)
    • Jabalpur ( 190 km)
    • Satna ( 120 Km)
    • Katni ( 102 km)
    • Umaria (35 km)

    By Air – Nearest Airports is Khajuraho then a drive of 8 Hrs to Tala Park Entrance.

    By Train – Nearest Railway station is Umaria then a drive of 40 mins to the park.

    3. Satpura Tiger Reserve or Satpura National Park

    Satpura Tiger Reserve, which gets its name from the Satpura run, offers extraordinary perspectives on the woods and sloping area. It doesn’t have the same number of quantities of the tiger as in Kanha and Bandhavgarh however the area and other untamed life assortment will make ready.

    Area : 2133.3 Sq Km

    Best Time to visit : October to April ( Park remains closed from June 1 to 30 September. You can still visit the buffer zone during this period with limited access)

    What you can spot here : It has a good variety of wildlife you can spot including deer, Wild boar, Four-horned antelopes, Chinkara, Nilgai & Indian Giant Squirrel.

    How to reach there : By road- It is well connected with many cities

    • Itarsi‎: ‎70 Km
    • Bhopal‎: ‎140 Km
    • Jabalpur‎: ‎230 km
    • Hoshangabad‎: ‎70 Km

    By Air- Nearest Airport is Bhopal ( 170 km from the park)
    By Train- Nearest railway stations are ItarsiSohagpurPipariya & Hoshangabad.

    Interesting Fact

    Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve (STR) received the best performer award in India on July 29, 2019. It raised the highest number of tiger between 2014-2018.

    Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra

    4. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

    The Tadoba Andhari Tiger hold is situated in the Chandrapur locale of Maharashtra. It is the biggest Tiger save in Maharashtra. It gets its name from a nearby god named ‘Tadoba’ and ‘Andheri’ waterway that streams by it.

    The immaculate nature and untamed life around will make your outing a noteworthy one. Attempt and book your outing and convenience ahead of time. Best of all, the recreation center isn’t extremely jam-packed making it a wonderful outing for families and gatherings.

    Area : 626 sq km

    Number of Tigers in reserve : 43

    Best Time to visit : Oct 15- June 30 ( Remains closed every Tuesday)

    What you can spot here : Tiger, Sloth bear, Panther, Wild boar, hyenas, wild bison, Jungle cats, Marsh crocodile, Python

    How to reach there : By Road: The park is well connected with all the major cities in India.

    Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve → Chimur ( 32 km)

    Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve → Chandrapur (45 km)

    By Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur ( 140 km from the park)

    By Train: The nearest railway station is Chandrapur ( 45km)

    5. Pench Tiger Reserve

    Pench Tiger Reserve is shared between two states Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. For the most part, Pench is considered as a National Park in Madhya Pradesh. It is additionally an informed site for Important Birds in India.

    With an enormous number of creatures, creatures of land and water and flying creatures, pench Tiger save isn’t known for tiger spotting yet in addition one of the most visited tiger holds in India for ita assortment of untamed life.

    Area : 292.8 sq km

    What you can spot here : Tiger, Chital, Sloth bear, Elephants, Panther, Wild boar, hyenas, wild bison, Jungle cats

    Best Time to visit : October- June ( Park remains closed from July-September)

    How to reach there : By Road– The nearest city is Seoni ( 30 km)

    By Air- Sonegaon airport is closest to Pench National Park ( 93 km)

    By Train- The nearest railway station is Seoni Railway Station (30 km)

    6. Nawegaon- Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

    Nawegaon- Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is the fifth Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra. It is located in the Gondia district of Maharashtra.

    It is a thick woodland in focal India with rich Flora and Fauna. On the off chance that you need to encounter the natural life from lacking elbow room, lease the houses accessible in the recreation center. It is unquestionably going to be unique experience.

    Area : 152.8 sq km

    Best Time to visit : October- June ( Park remains closed from July-September)

    What you can spot here : Tiger, wild boar, leopards, wild dog, deer, Nilgai, panther, bison, sambar, chital, sloth bear.

    How to reach there : By Road- Sanctuary is well connected with many cities

    • Nagpur (122 km)
    • Gondia (45 km)
    • Bhandara (60 km)

    By Air- The nearest airport if Nagpur (122 km)
    By Train-Gondia railway station (45 km)

    Tiger Sighting in Rajasthan

    7. Ranthambore National Park

    Ranthambore National Park is situated in the Sawai Madhopur locale of Rajasthan. It is one of the biggest Tiger holds in Northern India. It is around 120 km from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. On the off chance that you are searching for spots to visit in Jaipur and close by, do Include Ranthambore National Park in your rundown.

    Ranthambore is additionally a well known legacy site famous among nearby and remote guests. The recreation center is for the most part reserved ahead of time for the winter season. A wide assortment of flying creatures and creatures can without much of a stretch be seen in the recreation center.

    Area : 392 sq km

    Best Time to visit : October- June ( The park remains closed during the monsoon season- from July to September)

    How to reach there : By Road- Well connected by road to Jaipur & other cities.

    By Air- The nearest airport is Sanger Airport in Jaipur (182 km)
    By Train- The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Railway Station (14 km)

    Tiger Reserves in Karnataka

    8. Nagarhole National Park Or Rajiv Gandhi National Park

    Rajiv Gandhi National Park or Nagarhole National Park is arranged in two regions of Karnataka, Mysore and Kodagu. The name converts into ‘Nagar’ signifies ‘Snake’ and ‘Opening’ indicates River. It alludes to various streams that go through the region.

    Aside from various creatures, you find a workable pace to 250 types of winged animals. The spot is useful for untamed life photography.

    Area : 247 sq km

    Best Time to visit : October to May ( Park remains closed from June to September)

    What you can spot here : Spotted Deer, Four-Horned Antelopes, Sloth Bears, Wild Boars, Barking Deer, Leopards, Tigers, Wild Dogs, Sambar, Elephant and a large variety of birds & amphibians.

    How to reach there : By Road– The park is well connected with different cities

    Mysore→ Nagarhole National Park ( 96 km )

    Madikeri→Nagarhole National Park (236 km )

    By Air- Mysore is the nearest airport ( 96 km)
    By TrainMysore Railway Station is 80 km from Nagarhole National Park

     See Tiger in Uttarakhand

    9. Jim Corbett National Park

    It is one of the most mainstream tiger holds in India. Jim Corbett national park gets guests from everywhere throughout the world. In the event that you need to watch the ‘Large Cat’ in the entirety of its magnificence, visit the recreation center in the Summer season. It is viewed as the best period of visiting.

    Jim Corbett National Park is arranged in the Nainital area of Uttarakhand State in India. The recreation center is isolated into four primary zones.

    • Jhirna
    • Bijrani
    • Dhikala
    • Durgadevi

    Jhirna Zone remains open throughout the year.

    Area : 520 sq km

    Best Time to Visit : Mid November to the Mid of June

    How to reach there : By Road- Corbett park is just 15 km from Ramnagar which is well connected to many cities in India.

    Delhi→ Ramanagar ( 240 km )
    Bareilly→ Ramanagar (160 km )

    By Rail : Ramnagar is the nearest railway station to Jim Corbett National Park.

    Tiger spotting in Kerala

    10. Periyar National Park

    Periyar National Park, situated in Thekkady Kerala, is spread over a huge 357 square miles. The National Park has a few territories including Periyar Lake, Cardamom Hills, Hill area, Mangala Devi Temple, Pullumedu and Forest Regions.

    Area : 357 sq km

    Best Time to visit : November to March is the best time to visit the national park. The weather is pleasant for the outdoors. 

    What to spot Here : Apart from tigers, you will see a significant number of elephants here. You can also see Indian Bison, Leopard.

    How to reach there : Buses are available from Thekkady to various other cities. You can opt for State transportation or private tour buses to reach Thekkady.

    Nearest Railway Station – Kottayam ( 114 Kms from Thekkady)


    Huge numbers of these National Parks Provide ELEPHANT SAFARI. Be that as it may, we, at Monrezo360, censure the evil Treatment of Animals. Henceforth no insights concerning the safari are remembered for the article.

    It is a modest intrigue to all guests and voyagers to debilitate such practice. Elephants are not implied for load bearing or recreational purposes. Let them make the most of their characteristic environment and life!

    Final Words

    Where are making a beeline for next among these Places to see Tiger in India? We are certain regardless of the goal, an outing to any of these tiger holds in India will be a vital one.

    Do share your experience and where or not you were fortunate to get a look at the flawless mammoth. Cheerful voyaging!


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