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    How to Trace or Block Stolen Mobile




    Friends, if your mobile has been stolen or lost somewhere, then you do not need to take much tension now. The Indian government will help you get your stolen MOBILE PHONE back.

    The Department and Telecommunication of the Government of India has started a portal for this. The name of this portal is CENTRAL EQUIPMENT IDENTITY REGISTER. This portal, started with the name CEIR, will help the user to find his stolen mobile.

    Friends, if your mobile is lost and you want whoever has got your mobile, they can not use it, with the help of this portal you can block your mobile phone and also with the help of this portal you can use your mobile You can also trace the phone.

    Another special thing of this portal is that if you have blocked your mobile and you get your mobile back, then with the help of this portal you can use your mobile by unblocking your mobile back from you.

    When someone’s mobile phone is lost or stolen, a lot of problems have to be faced. People do not understand how to block or trace the phone. This government portal has been created keeping in mind the solution to this problem of the people.

    Steps to block or Trace stolen Mobile

    Friends, in order to trace or block the stolen mobile, if the mobile is lost, you must have some important information such as your Mobile’s IMEI NUMBER, MOBILE BRAND and MODEL NUMBER and the stolen mobile BILL etc.

    Now the first thing you have to do is to file a complaint of theft of mobile in the local police station. After registering the complaint, you will have to visit the website of CEIR. After visiting the website, you have to click on the Block Stolen / Lost Mobile button. See in image below.

    After clicking, the Block Stolen/Lost Mobile Application Form will open, which you have to fill very carefully. How to fill the form of Block Stolen/Lost Mobile, I will tell you step by step.

    Block Stolen/Lost Mobile Application Form is in three steps, in which you have to give Device Information in the first step, in the second step you have to fill in the Lost Information while in the third step you have to fill the personal details of Mobile Owner.

    Stolen Mobile Device Information Detail:

    In the first step you have to enter the mobile number, you have to enter the mobile number which was lying in the stolen mobile. If you were using two SIM numbers, then you have to enter both mobile numbers.

    After that you have to enter the details of both IMEI numbers. You know how to check IMEI of MOBILE, if not then you can do IMEI NUMBER of mobile by dialing * 06 # number.

    If you are thinking that if the mobile has been stolen then how will I get the IMEI NUMBER. So you have to check your mobile bill, you will get both NUMBER numbers in the copy of the bill.

    After this, you have to choose the brand of your mobile, then after that you have to fill the lost MOBILE Information details by choosing the MODEL number of MOBILE.

    After this, you have to upload a scan copy of the receipt of your mobile which you received while purchasing the mobile.

    Lost MOBILE Information DETAIL:

    In Lost mobile information details, you have to enter the name of that place. Where your mobile was stolen After that, you have to enter the date on which your mobile was lost.

    After filling the information of your state, district and your police station, you will have to enter the complaint number you have lodged in the police station. And after that you have to upload the scan copy of the complaint received from the police station.

    Personal Details of Mobile Owner :

    In the third step, you will have to enter the name in which the mobile has been purchased, then enter your address, after that you will have to select your identity, in which you have to select any one from Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID or Driving License, then that document. The scan copy will have to be uploaded.

    After this, you have to fill the Identity Number along with the E-mail address, you will have to provide a mobile number on which you will receive an OTP. After this complete the OTP verification.

    After OTP verification, you have to tick in the check box then click on Submit Button. After this, you will get a Request Id on your mobile and email and with this your lost mobile will be blocked and it cannot be used until you unblock it.

    How to check status of stolen mobile :

    After filling the Block Stolen/Lost Mobile application form, you can also check the status of your stolen mobile online. To check the status, you will have to visit the website of CEIR once again.

    After opening the site, you have to click on Check Request Status. As soon as you click on the button, you will be asked for your request ID. In this, you have to enter the same request ID that you received on your mobile or email after submitting the application form.

    After this, you will get the complete details of the complaint filed by you, as well as the status of your application.

    How to unblock Phone :

    Friends, you have to unlock the phone only when you get your stolen mobile back. Because until this phone will not be unblocked, no one will be able to use this mobile.

    To unblock the mobile, you have to open the CEIR website, after opening, you will have to click on the Un-Block Found Mobile button. On clicking the button, a small form will open, in which first you have to enter the request ID.

    After that you have to enter the mobile number on which your OTP was ordered. After this, you have to enter another mobile number, on which OTP will come to unblock the mobile .

    After entering the mobile number, click on Get OTP. You will get an OTP which along with verifying your mobile will be unblocked. Then you can use your mobile.

    Friends, you must have liked this information. If your mobile has been Stolen or Lost, then you must first meet the police, only then you will be able to fill this form.


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