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    If you have a place to install an ATM machine and you have install ATM machine in your place, but you do not know much about this subject, then I will tell you what is the way to install ATM and how to apply for ATM Machine.

    How to Apply for ATM Machine

    Friends, if you have to install an ATM machine at any place, it will become a source of fixed income for you. Any ATM installation company gives a lot of money in the form of rent in return. Although there is a lot of ATM installation company in the whole country, but in the coming days, private companies like TATA, Muthoot are going to install more than 10000 ATMs all over the country. The rent of which can range from 15 thousand to 25000 thousand rupees.

    Rules for installing ATM’s :

    • You should have at least 40 to 100 square feet of space for ATM installation.
    • It should have a flat roof made of concrete to install V-Set.
    • Apart from this, the NOC certificate of the authority should be given to install the V-set.
    • There should be 24 hours of power supply.
    • 1 kilowatt electrical connection.
    • There should be a capacity of close to 100 transactions per day.
    • There should be a distance of at least 100 meters from one ATM to another.
    • There should also be signage space.

    ATM installation provider companies :

    As I have already told you that many companies in the country that do ATM’s installation, but currently Tata Indicash, Muthoot, India One ATM are setting up their ATM’s all over the country. So if the population in your area is more and ATM facility is not available yet, then you can take full advantage of this opportunity. So let’s know more about it.

    How to apply for ATM installation :

    Friends, I am giving you the link to apply online for Tata Indicash, Muthoot, India One ATM.

    TATA Indicash ATM installation process :

    Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Communications, has been authorized by RBI to set up white label ATMs across the country. This service has been started by Tata in the name of Indicash. And ATMs are also being installed from place to place and you can apply online for this.

    TATA Indicash ATM installation application : APPLY FOR TATA INDICASH ATM FROM HERE.

    MUTHOOT ATM installation process :

    Famous MBFC company Muthoot is also installing white label ATM’s across the country. Muthoot demand’s 40 to 60 square feet of space for ATM’s. This place should be on the ground floor and the location should be such that it is easily visible. This location can be in busy streets or places like road, shopping center, bus station, railway station.

    MUTHOOT ATM installation application: APPLY FOR MUTTON ATM FROM HERE.

    BTI Payments Pvt Limited (India One ATM ) installation process :

    BTI also sought ATM space. BTI Payments Private Limited, an Australian-based Banktech Group company, has been licensed by the RBI to install white label ATM’s. ATM’s are being installed in India in the name of IndiaOne ATM by BTI. This company is also looking for space to install ATM’s. BTI has set a target of installing about 1000 new ATM’s. These ATM’s are to be set up in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand. This company sets up an ATM in the name of India One ATM.

    INDIA ONE ATM installation application : APPLY FOR INDIA ONE ATM FROM HERE.

    These private companies are focusing in small cities, towns and rural areas. Companies are trying to place their ATM’s away from banks and ATM’s installed by them. In such a situation, these companies are giving location wise rent. Companies are giving rent of 10 to 15 thousand rupees for installing ATM’s in rural areas and 25 thousand rupees per month in cities and busy areas.

    Hope you guys will like the information about this post How to apply for ATM machine. We will keep bringing interesting information for you in future also.


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